Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Small Green Patch News - 10.18 - 10.25 - Harvest Party this Sunday!

Saturday, October 20- (9am - 4ish)
Sunday, October 21 - (1pm - 5ish)
Tuesday, October 23 - (6pm - till dusk)
Community Garden is open any time the gate is open!

Hi Friends :)

Fall Harvest Party: October 21

Art - Bring the kids to help paint a mural that we will hang along the fence on the right side of the community garden!
We will have paint, plywood boards prepared and paint brushes - bring clothes you don't mind getting paint on! We will create a mural based off the same design in the flyer above of the Amazon. Aida, Caleigh, Bisi and a bunch of other folks will be helping out and we will have 4-5 painting stations for the kids to paint on. Can't wait to paint!

Music for Harvest Party: Times TBD
2pm - Willie Gantrim
3pm - Mamie Minch
4pm - KJ Denhert
Open Acoustic Jam

Group happenings:

A Small Green Patch:
Shed: Raheem will be painting the shed today (Thursday) around 5pm so we can tear down the tarp shed :) yay!

Compost Bin: Aaron, Christa and crew helped raise the compost bin off the ground to detour the rodents from boroughing underneath during the winter.. seems to already be a great improvement - more updates on this after we have more information on the new set up. The compost we currently have created really looks amazing.. please email if you have any sources for sawdust or woodchps from woodworking places.

Friday night - taking out the trash - please put any trash you want picked up towards the front gates so we know what to get out of the lots.
Saturday - all day - General clean up at some point in the afternoon - maybe rain harvesting built? Picking up tables for the Harvest Party - please come on by and help pass out flyers to the neighbors!
Sunday (1pm - dusk) Harvest Party! Come celebrate.. you all have earned it. :) Super fun times with friends, neighbors, family - kids mural painting workshop with Aida, Music at 2pm till the open jammers are done.
Can't wait to see you all on Sunday!

We are in need of help with all things Admininstrative - I need help with web, newsletter, planning meeting, community reachout, Tree Pit crew , coat drive and planning for the Fall Harvest party - please contact if you are interested. Members: Please take a moment to read the signs that were posted around the entrances of each space for your convenience! 

St. Lydia's:
St. Lydia's is a dinner church; we meet every Sunday night to share a sacred meal in Brooklyn.  The St. Lydia's Enough for Everyone Garden is an experiment in radical generosity and grows out of our weekly practice of welcoming anyone and everyone to our table.  Email if you have questions.
Kellen's Bees:
Lots of activity in the hive, with a nectar-gathering from blooming fall plants. Queen Beyonce's egg laying has slowed down to accommodate honey storage for winter. The bee population will start to decline now and through the winter until laying starts again in the spring. In other news, I just got back from a few weeks in China on vacation and happened upon some neat wooden beehives while hiking in rural Hunan Province. Trying to find out more about how they work. Here's a picture:
Textile Arts Center:
It's the end of the season at the natural dye garden, but most of our flowers keep blooming. We started cropping out japanese indigo and did some dyeing experiments - so cool to see the green leaves transforming into the blue pigment! Keep posted for more activities in the garden soon. Textile Arts Center hours for this Fall season will be Monday 11AM-4PM (weather permiting).

Feedback Farms:
Feedback Farms will be at the garden Sunday morning doing some more bed preparation and clean-up for the fall.  We will also be harvesting some goodies for the pot-luck! Looking forward to seeing everyone. At the party, we will premier our time lapse film of A Small Green Patch's amazing first season.

Advisory Committee - We need you!:
Taking submissions - would you like to help plan next years garden? Please email if you are interested in participating in helping us create next years plan and plans for the rest of this season. The Advisory Group is open to anyone interested. We will make decisions on projects people propose, plan out next season and more.

ioby funds = $500 (total in progress after spending for party)
member funds due = $100
Composting info:
A Small Green Patch will be composting organic waste on-site and will start accepting compost drop-offs twice a week - Tuesdays from 6pm to dusk and Sundays from 1-4pm.  Come by with your compost, check out our newly built compost bins and visit the garden.
We would like to extend a big thank you to the Boerum Hill Association for awarding us one of their Greening grants and making this project possible. We would also like to thank Feedback Farms and A Small Green Patch volunteers for helping get the compost built and in working order!
Here is some information on what we can take:
Bring: fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds and filters, tea bags, egg shells, flowers and houseplants
Don't bring: meat, fish, dairy, fat, bones, coconuts, pet wastes, coal or charcoal, compostable plastics, pesticide treated materials
Avoid odors!  Store your food scraps in the freezer or refrigerator
Stay green! Keep scraps in a reusable container. We do not have trash bins where you can dispose of plastic bags in the garden
  • Remember - members can enter the garden anytime from the morning till dusk - bring your friends and spend some time outside! 
  • Join the google group for more in depth information and discussions!!forum/asmallgreenpatch
  • Reply to this email to be added to the calendar so you can add hours you would like to host, events or other important dates!
  • Garbage goes out on Mondays - we should pull the trash out after 6pm-7pm Monday nights
  • Water - there is water in the big garbage bin towards the front of the lots - this should always be filled but we can give lessons on how to get more if needed!
  • Purchases - We would like to ask that if you buy something you do not want other people to use to please make sure you label it with a sign "Please do not use". Ziplock baggies can be tacked or taped onto the area or materials
  • Windowboxes - if there is a red or orange stick in it someone owns that box! If there is a green or blue stick.. replant the plants already there and then use the soil/compost mix to plant anything you want!! Make sure to put a red or orange stick in it to let everyone know you've claimed your widowboxes.
A Small Green Patch - Special thanks to everyone.. all of you!