Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Small Green Patch News - 10.31 - 11.7 Hurricane Volunteering

The Community Garden is open any time the gate is open.
Please use caution this week.


I hope everyone is dry and that you have electricity and you all are with friends and/or family. If you need any type of assistance please email and let me know what we can do to help you out during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

If anyone is available to volunteer there are many shelters in need of people to work shifts working with assisted living folks, seniors and people with disabilities - you can find a shelter near you by visiting this site:

It looks as if the Community Garden, Feedback Farms, Textile Arts Center, St. Lydia's Dinner Church and Kellen's Beehive all faired pretty well during the storm - some of the planters and sip beds look pretty wrecked but no trees down and most everything stayed tied down throughout the storm. Thank you to the members and volunteers that were able to help tie everything down last weekend.

I will be in the garden this Saturday most of the day to clean up - if anyone else is able to help out please stop by. Please use caution entering the garden this week - be aware of the trees and where you are walking! Seems like everything is safe but it's still pretty windy out there.

Again - if you need anything or know other neighbors or friends that need help please let me know so we can try pull some people, food, or anything else together to help.

Thank you and take care!