Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Small Green Patch News - Planning Meeting - Location change - NOV 14 & 17

Save the dates! NOV 14 - WED - 8pm and NOV 17 - SAT - 1pm
The Community Garden is open any time the gate is open.
Please use caution this week.

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

Meeting location change. ALL are welcome!

NOV 14 - WED - 8:00pm - Textile Arts Center
505 Carroll Street between 3rd ave & 4th ave

NOV 17 - SAT - 1:00pm - Textile Arts Center
505 Carroll Street between 3rd ave & 4th ave
It would be great if all of you that plan to attend could think about some of the questions Clare sent in her email as well! I've included the questions from her below if anyone needs to refer to them.
1) basic vision - what do we personally want for the garden space? what is best for the garden as a whole community? what was good for people this year? what wasn't? how can we get more people involved? Do we need to revisit/formalize our bylaws?
2) Processes for decision-making - we did this pretty informally this year, and Tami set up a google document for proposals. It's a great start, but it's hard to have it be fully online. I would really advocate for coming up with a very simple decision -making structure that is some combination of on-line and in person (something along the lines of - make a very simple proposal to fill out, submit to group, have clear, fast and simple way of evaluating/approving/disapproving proposals as a group, form a steering committee). I know a few groups that we have worked with have lots of experience (St. lydias just spent a several months developing a governance structure, 596 has worked on this, Myrtle Village Green where Feedback Farms has a few beds has a simple structure). I would be happy to start putting some of these options together (and if anyone wants to help - please just let me know!) and could share them at one of the meetings. I know agreeing on a basic process can take a little bit of time, but I think has a big pay-off in terms of transparency and that really helps people to get involved and invest in the space
3) Administration and logistics - lots of this stuff here - tenancy, landlord relationship, insurance, fundraising, accounting, newsletter, garden email address, website, calendar, requests for supplies, open hours. We should talk about ways to share this work so it doesn't become a burden and people know how to plug in
4) Setting goals and planning for our next season -putting our vision into practice and having processes for people to get involved and contribute over the course of the year

I'm looking forward to meeting with everyone that is interested in helping figure out what to do next!