Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Small Green Patch News - Planning Meetings DEC 12 and DEC 15

Winter Compost droppoff - every Saturday 11am - 2pm

The Community Garden is open any time the gate is open.

Hello Friends and Neighbors!

A big Thank You to our members that picked up supplies from the Green Thumb Compound last Saturday. Snow shovels, salt and compost all provided by Green Thumb to help a garden out!

This Saturday - December 8th - We will have a delivery of bulbs to plant - come on by anytime after 1pm and plant a bulb or grab a bucket from the shed and bring a bulb home for some beautiful springtime flowers!

Planning Meetings December and January: we will continue to hold planning meetings each 2nd Wednesday night and 2nd Saturday afternoon each month until next season. Come help us plan for next year! Meet us at the Textile Arts Center on any of these days or nights.
  • December 12 - Wednesday 8:00pm
  • December 15 - Saturday 1:00pm
  • January 9 - Wednesday 8:00pm
  • January 12 - Saturday 1:00pm
Meeting notes from Novembers meeting will be up soon!

Some group news: 
Please help support our group members by checking out some of the fun workshops and events they are having. More workshops and farming programs to come!

A Small Green Patch:
The bulbs are coming! Come help plant bulbs for the springtime anytime after 1pm. Compost dropoffs will be taken in from 11am-2pm.

Things you can do to help the garden grow!
  • Snow Patrol Team email
  • Vermin Patrol email
  • Planning meetings - come decide what we will do in the community lot next year
  • Are you a part of the google group yet? Please email for more info
  • Admin help email to find out what we could use help with
Textile Arts Center:
Whether you are 5 or 85, a designer, an artist, or student, there is something for you at TAC. Stop byone of the studios for more information, or read about our mission. Our facilities include state of the art equipment in a comfortable environment, full of knowledgeable instructors. Visit the artists in residence, browse the library, or check out the latest exhibition. Become amember, an intern, or donate help the textile arts grow. Never hesistate to contact us with any questions!

Feedback Farms:
Feedback Farms formed in 2011 around the idea of making temporary farms on vacant Brooklyn lots. While rooftop farming is becoming increasingly popular in NYC, farming on vacant lots has distinct advantages including potentially lower costs, less wind, flexible growth mediums, and ease of access. Feedback Farms is currently working on plans for next seasons crops and events!
St Lydia's:
St. Lydia's is a dinner church; we meet every Sunday night to share a sacred meal in Brooklyn.  The St. Lydia's Enough for Everyone Garden is an experiment in radical generosity and grows out of our weekly practice of welcoming anyone and everyone to our table.  Now that we have finished the 2012 growing season, we are working on our plans for 2013. If you are interested in learning more about St. Lydia's or about the Enough for Everyone Garden, please find us at or email Rachel Pollak at

Kellen's Bees:
All will be quiet on the bee front over the next couple months. When temperatures drop, the bees remain in the hive and form a cluster, shivering their flight muscles to generate heat and keep the hive warm. The winter cluster will move through the hive, consuming honey stores until the weather warms and they can begin to forage again. I'll be checking in on them occasionally through the winter, if we have some days that are warm enough for them to be active.