Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A Small Green Patch News - Working Day Saturday!

The Community Garden is open any time the gate is open.

Planning Meetings - May 8 and May 10 @ the garden!

Compost dropoff - every Saturday 11am - 1pm

A Small Green Patch:
Thanks for coming out to the party last Sunday! Some pictures of the event from members and the Textile Arts Center below!
This weekend we will work on tree-pruning, cleaning behind the back middle fence, moving 9 sip beds that Feedback Farms will be donating to us and a number of other things.. mostly a manual labor weekend but rumor has it there will be Girl Scout cookies to eat after all the hard work!
Please meet at the lots around 11am till we are done this Saturday and Sunday!

New Garden Agenda can be viewed here - this will also be printed and hung in the garden shed so any members wondering what needs to be done can view and mark that they have completed any tasks or projects!

Compost Saturdays!: We need people to volunteer on Saturdays 11am - 1pm so people can dump their compost off - if you are interested in joining the composting team email us at

Organizational Structure: We are looking for volunteers for the following committees:

Textile Arts Center:
Sewing Seeds is having a Fundraiser this coming April 26th, from 7-11PM at the Textile Arts Center’s Manhattan Studio. We’ll be celebrating Art, Color and Natural Dyes through interactive installations, visuals and performances. Our studio will be transformed into a Color Haven curated by Frank Traynor, a special interactive performance by Study NY x Cat Lauigan of Cave Collective and a raffle of 7 one of a kind scarves, by Audrey Louise Reynolds, Adrienne Antonson (STATE), Erin Considine, Ilana Kohn, SHABD, Tara St Tames (Study NY) and Titania Inglis.

Join us for naturally dyed cocktails from Van Brunt Still House + snacks, dancing + mingling, fun fun times and surprises.

$20 Ticket includes naturally dyed cocktails + snacks, 1 raffle entry and awesome times

All the proceeds from this event will go to Sewing Seeds programing, including a community natural dye garden, free and open to all summer workshops and a garden art residency. We believe in natural plant dyes as a sustainable alternative for art making and textile production. We believe education is empowering and will lead to change. Help us continue making Sewing Seeds possible.

Learn more Sewing Seeds projects at

Feedback Farms:
Feedback Farms has been starting lots of seeds in preparation for the coming season. We will have at least 15 varieties of tomatoes and a dozen varieties of peppers this year, along with lots of other things. We will be in the garden this weekend cleaning up the beds in preparation for these rapidly growing seedlings.

St Lydia's:
St. Lydia's is a dinner church; we meet every Sunday night to share a sacred meal in Brooklyn.  The St. Lydia's Enough for Everyone Garden is an experiment in radical generosity and grows out of our weekly practice of welcoming anyone and everyone to our table.  Now that we have finished the 2012 growing season, we are working on our plans for 2013. If you are interested in learning more about St. Lydia's or about the Enough for Everyone Garden, please find us at or email Rachel Pollak at

Kellen and Beyonce - Hive Happenings
All will be quiet on the bee front over the next couple months. When temperatures drop, the bees remain in the hive and form a cluster, shivering their flight muscles to generate heat and keep the hive warm. The winter cluster will move through the hive, consuming honey stores until the weather warms and they can begin to forage again. I'll be checking in on them occasionally through the winter, if we have some days that are warm enough for them to be active.