Wednesday, July 10, 2013

07/10/2013 - Rain Gutter Grow System, Feedback Farms CSA, Help us collect 5 gallon pails!

A Small Green Patch:

Planning meetings this weekend:
Saturday - July 13 @ 1:00pm
Sunday - July 14 @ 4:30pm

Information sent to members this week
  • Email with steps on how to search for city owned lots was sent to all members
  • Image of approximate ½ mile area marked was sent to all members
  • We will have meetings every 2nd and 4th Saturday and Sunday each month for the next several months - Meetings will be at 1pm on Saturdays and 4:30pm on Sundays. Keep up with the latest newsletter for time changes.

Last weekend: A few members started the Rain Gutter Grow System to experiment with growing veggies using a self-watering rain barrel set up. More work is needed and we need to collect about 35 food grade buckets - if you can stop by a bakery and inquire if they have any buckets we are looking for recycle #2 and need to get them to the garden this weekend.

This Saturday and Sunday: Members will continue to build out the Rain Gutter Grow System and work on bundling branch that was taken down last weekend. Do you have a pickup or access to a pickup? Can you help us pick-up wood chips next weekend? Please stop by your favorite restaurants, bakeries or pizza shops and ask if they could donate their "recycle #2" food grade buckets.

Group and Member Fees:
Please go to our ioby project to pay this seasons dues.
Your annual member fees help us buy supplies, hold workshops, throw events and more.

Butterfly bushes (Budelia) are starting to flower - they have really grown big since last year!

Please share the donation link - we have $755 raised so far!

Feedback Farms:
With the hot weather, the summer crops are coming in! Suyo cucumbers and sungold tomatoes are ripe this week. We are working with the 5 Borough Farms, Making the Measure group this season. They took an infrared photo of the space with this camera developed by the citizen science group, The Public Lab to estimate our garden’s “greenness”. They have also put together a great protocol for measuring how much compost we are collecting, so we will help set that up in the garden. To get involved with Feedback Farms, visit our facebook page or email

St Lydia's:
St. Lydia's is a dinner church; we meet every Sunday night to share a sacred meal in Brooklyn.  The St. Lydia's Enough for Everyone Garden is an experiment in radical generosity and grows out of our weekly practice of welcoming anyone and everyone to our table. We host open volunteer hours every Sunday from 2 PM to 5 PM (unless it’s raining); all are welcome! If you are interested in learning more about St. Lydia's or about the Enough for Everyone Garden, please visit our facebook page or email Rachel Pollak at

Textile Arts Center:
We’ve have started preparing our Sewing Seeds Natural Dye Garden for its second season. We’ve been starting seedlings, planning garden layout, design labels, and planning our free educational programming for the Summer. Stop by the garden on Saturdays, from 2-4PM to learn more about the project and for some hands-on-gardening. Or learn more at
Sewing Seeds is proud to introduce the Garden Residency this season. The Garden Residency will grant one artist or designer the opportunity to develop an art project for the Natural Dye garden during the month of August. The Natural Dye garden is located on Bergen Street, in a previously abandoned lot, occupying 800 square feet with a variety of dyeing plants. The Natural Dye garden is a community space, open for all, that acts simultaneously as a resource for information on natural dyes and as a leisure space. The Garden will host the Residency and serve both as working space and exhibition venue.
We encourage artists and designers to submit projects proposals that integrate the garden space, Sewing Seeds mission, natural dyes, and promote community engagement and interactivity.

Kellen and Beyonce - Hive Happenings
The main "honey flow" begins in June, which means flowers are blooming and the weather is nice enough for the bees to begin bringing nectar to the hive. Bees will use a wide variety of plants for honey forage, visiting up to 40 flowers per minute. In the vegetable garden they'll find the blossoms of cucumbers, peppers and squash especially attractive. The queen, who has been laying working bees at a high rate through April and May, will slow down a bit as the hive changes gears toward honey production.
Here's a quick guide to what you seen on the outside of the hive. Our hive is in the "Langstroth" design, which has been in use by beekeepers since the 1850s. Click here to see the parts of our hive labeled:
  • Hive stand: The hive boxes sit atop a pallet and several cinder blocks. This helps keep pests out and allows for air to circulate, keeping the bees cool and dry.
  • Screened bottom board: The bottom of the hive is a wooden frame with screen in the middle. The screen allows for better ventilation.
  • Hive entrance: The enter and exit from a small space between the bottom board and the bottom brood chamber. It is facing away from us in the photo.
  • Brood chambers: Each of these three boxes contains 10 movable sections of honeycomb, called "frames." This is where the queen lays her eggs and where the bees store honey and pollen.   
  • Inner cover: The hive has a wooden top cover with a small hole for ventilation.
  • Telescoping outer cover: The hive cover is the "roof" of the bee house. It protects the top of the hive and keeps out wind and rain.

Other local community meetings and events - if you know of any events or groups you would like to share with everyone email us at

Green Guerillas
Symphony of the Soil Documentary
Symphony of the Soil, an exciting new documentary exploring the complexity and mystery of soil, will be premiering in New York City at the IFC Center on Thursday July 11th at 6:30pm.
There will be a Q and A session with Deborah Koons Garcia, Producer/Director; Dr. Ignacio Chapela, Microbial Ecologist UC Berkeley; Dr. Michael Hansen, Senior Scientist Consumers Union. Limited seating, so buy tickets in advance! Tickets are available online through the IFC Center website. Here's a sneak peak at the movie:

Gowanus Studio Space:
WORKSHOPS  -Overview
Gowanus Studio Space has exciting workshops coming up including Bookmaking, Intro to Woodshop and Collagraphs printmaking!   Find out more here:

Collagraphs with Noah Breuer
4 Mondays 7/1-22, 7-10pm $195; $145 for members
A Collagraph is a collage-based way of creating an image for printmaking. Collage materials are glued to a rigid substrate (such as mat board or wood) then varnished and sealed to create a printing plate. This plate (or matrix) can then make many impressions using both relief and intaglio printing methods.  Sign up here:
WORKSHOPS -Facebook Links
@GowanusSS has SUMMER WORKSHOPS in Bookmaking, Woodshop and Collagraph Printmaking!

Green Thumb:
Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bronx Urban Farms Trolley Tour: African-American Culture 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.
This tour will feature the rich food and cultural landscape of the Bronx’s African…
Location: Trolley Tour, Manhattan
Cost: Tickets are $30, cash or check payable to Green Thumb Community Fund. Proceeds go directly to support the Bronx community gardens you visit. Wheelchair-accessible transportation is available. Children 12 & under ride free! Registration required.

JUL 13
GreenThumb Summer Festival 2013 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Come to Harlem and celebrate GreenThumb community gardens across New York City. WBLS will…
Location: Adam Clayton Powell State Office Building, Manhattan
Cost: Free

JUL 13
Cob Oven Workshop at Imani Garden 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Cob ovens are ideal for community gardens in that they can be made cheaply from locally…
Location: Imani Garden, Brooklyn
Cost: There will be a materials charge of $20, with a sliding scale for those unable to pay the full amount.

JUL 13
Liberty Learning Garden Herbal Tea Making Workshop 12:00 p.m.
Learn how to prepare basic herbal teas to sip your way to better health or simply a more…
Location: Liberty Learning Garden, Queens
Cost: $10/pp, Max: 25 ppl.

JUL 13
CPF Puppet Mobile at the Liberty Learning Garden 1:00 p.m.
City Parks Foundation's Puppet Mobile, one of the only traveling puppet theaters in…
Location: Liberty Learning Garden, Queens
Cost: Free

Sunday, July 14, 2013

JUL 14
Cob Oven Workshop at Imani Garden 11:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
Cob ovens are ideal for community gardens in that they can be made cheaply from locally…
Location: Imani Garden, Brooklyn
Cost: There will be a materials charge of $20, with a sliding scale for those unable to pay the full amount.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

JUL 20
Waterfront Community Garden - Community Pride Day 11:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.
This annual event includes a block party/street fair on Gildersleeve Ave in front of the…
Location: Waterfront Garden, Bronx
Cost: Free

JUL 20
CPF Learning Garden Workshop: Making Recycled Planters for the Home and Garden 1:00 p.m.
The United States produces 70% of the world's solid waste. During this hands-on…
Location: Umoja Garden (Garden Beautiful), Brooklyn, Liberty Learning Garden, Queens, Grove Hill Learning Garden, Bronx
Cost: Materials fee: $10/pp, Max: 15 ppl per garden

Saturday, July 27, 2013

JUL 27
CPF Learning Garden Workshop: Companion Planting and Gardening with Native Species 1:00 p.m.
Companion planting is one of the oldest gardening traditions. Learn how different…
Location: Umoja Garden (Garden Beautiful), Brooklyn, Liberty Learning Garden, Queens, Grove Hill Learning Garden, Bronx
Cost: Materials fee: $10/pp, Max: 15 ppl per garden

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

JUL 30
Orchard Alley Garden - Yoga Class 12:15 p.m.–1:15 p.m.
If you can breath, you can do yoga. Certified Yoga Teacher Colleen McCarthy will…
Location: Orchard Alley, Manhattan
Cost: Free

Brooklyn Community Gardeners Group

Hattie Carthan Community Farmers’ Market 5th Season Opening Market Kick-off with Healthy Local Food, Family Cultural and Fitness Programs for 2013 - July thru November
WHEN: July 13th 2013 9:00am – 3:00pm
WHERE: Hattie Carthan Community Farmers’ Market
Clifton Place at Marcy Avenue (next to the Hattie Carthan Garden ) Brooklyn , NY 11216
G to Bedford/Nostrand; B38 to Marcy and Lafayette Avenues
Across the United and States, rates of obesity and diabetes are increasing dramatically, particularly within lower-income, African-American, and Latino communities. Growing research demonstrates that the low rate of consumption of healthy foods which drives disease rates is due to limited access to healthy choices. The Hattie Carthan Community Farmers’ Market is a community solution to the issue of poor nutrition and food insecurity in the Bedford Stuyvesant community. The market achieves its goals through increasing access to nutrient dense foods while simultaneously educating community residents about where their food comes from.

Brooklyn Urban Gardener (BUG) community volunteer certification
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
September 2013 – January 2014
Free! Graduates volunteer 20 hours per year to maintain certification.
Deadline to apply: June 7, 2013
Are you called to garden with your community? The Brooklyn Urban Gardener (BUG) program is an intensive, ten-session, "train-the-trainer" course. A series of interconnected workshops and hands-on site visits this fall covers the basics of sustainable horticultural practices and how to advocate for the creation and protection of community green space in the face of intense urban development.
BUG enrolls an intergenerational, multi-cultural mix of adults stemming from diverse economic and educational backgrounds who represent neighborhoods across Brooklyn. They bring with them varying levels of gardening expertise. From mid-September to early November, participants learn about sustainable horticultural practices as well as methods to engage people in community greening projects Working in teams of 4-5 students, BUGs also partner with selected, Brooklyn-based organizations to complete real-life projects.
To achieve certification, each BUG completes: the weekly required reading, approximately 35 hours of in-class coursework, team-project presentations, and 30 hours of project-based community service. Community project hours may extend into January of 2014 when the BUG candidates are expected to graduate. In-class time is designed to meet the needs of working people and is scheduled for eight Thursday evenings (6-9pm) and two weekend dates (to be determined). Project team members, along with their staff mentor, devise a workable community service schedule. Upon graduation, students are equipped with the resources to become part of a BBG BUG volunteer network to continue to assist community greening efforts throughout Brooklyn.
To learn more about this free course and to download an application, visit
For more information 718-623-7250.

Prospect Park Volunteer Corps
These Weekend Volunteer Corps events occur on certain Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season, from 10 p.m. to 1 p.m.  We work on sprucing up different areas of the park, weeding, raking, mulching, and generally cleaning up.  We can accommodate any kind of group ranging from just a few people to up to 40 volunteers.

The following events are open for group registration; please take a look and then fill out our NEW online group inquiry form on our website with the dates that work for you:
Saturday, June 15: Meet at Lincoln Road Entrance
Sunday, June 23: Meet at Park Circle
Saturday, July 6: Meet at Grand Army Plaza Entrance closest to the library
Sunday, July 14: Meet at Picnic House parking lot
Saturday, August 3: Meet at Parkside and Ocean Avenue Entrance
Sunday, August 11: Meet at the Wellhouse
Sunday, September 22: Meet at Lincoln Road Entrance
Sunday, November 17: Meet at Picnic House parking lot